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Hermann Wellness Bloomington, IL

Exercises For Acute Low Back Pain

As a chiropractor in Bloomington, Illinois, I frequently recommend exercised to patients who are having acute low back pain. There are many low back pain studies that show that patients who move around and perform light exercise when they are having acute back pain will improve much quicker than the patient who goes home and lays on the couch. Walking is the best exercise for low back pain. Even if you're having so much pain it is difficult to move it's a good idea to get up and walk around, periodically as your are able.

This video shows three basic exercises you can perform when having low back pain.

1. The plank: The plank is a simple exercise where you lay on your stomach and you would elevate your torso while on your toes and elbows. Hold this position as long as you can comfortably. Relax and repeat.

2. Curl Up: Curl up is performed with you laying on your back. Clasp your hands behind your neck and raise your torso by engaging your core muscles, as if starting a situp. It should feel as if you are lifting your chest towards the sky. Relax and repeat.

3. Bird-dog: Bird dog is performed with you on your hand and knees. Reach our with the left arm, and reach back with the right leg. Then switch to reaching with your right arm, and reach out your left leg. Relax and repeat.

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