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Chiro Kids Wellness Club

My name is Breanna, you see me at the front desk and I am proud to announce the new Chiro Kids Wellness Club at Hermann Wellness. This is a new program that I wanted to open up to children and teens ages 6 to 14. I have always had a passion for fitness and health. I grew up competing in Gymnastics and playing in other sports as I got older. Fitness has been a passion of mine since I learned how to walk. The past few years my passion grew more and focused on the impact it has on my overall health and well being. I want to share my passion with kids and their parents as well. There are so many kids, teens an even adults that just don’t have any excitement to go do physical activity or even eat nutritional foods. I want to help turn this around so that everyone knows how much good nutritional choices and physical exercise can benefit your overall health and well being.

Just like adults, children can benefit from chiropractic care. Our bodies have an innate intelligence that runs a series of complex systems that rely on proper balance and coordination to function correctly. By living a wellness lifestyle your child(ren) can enrich their life with vibrant health.

Our mission: Promote healthy living in a fun way for children (even parents) to help them see the importance of good nutritional eating and the benefits of physical activity.

There are so many children and teens that do not participate in physical activities like they used to because of all the distractions we have around us. We all have busy on the go type lives now and sometimes forget the importance of good nutritional choices not only for the outcome of healthy living for our children but also for our own well-being as parents, aunts, uncles, etc.

For questions please contact Breanna at forms@hermannwellness.com

Now you are wondering, “What will Chiro Kids Wellness Club consist of?”

Here are some examples of what we will have:

  • Activity & Nutritional Coloring Page
  • Activity & Nutritional Word Finds
  • Occasional contests
  • Activity events
  • Chiro Kids Wellness Club meetings
  • Snack events where the kids will be learning and making a nutritional snack together that they will be able to make at home as well.

Each kid that participates in Chiro Kids Wellness Club will get a certificate to show their first step towards learning a healthy and nutritional life.

Parents: You didn’t think we forgot about you? Below are a few links of some good material for you to help with lifestyle changes and include the whole family.

Get your kids to enjoy fruits and vegetables

Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get You Kids Eating Good Food by: Jessica Seinfeld

Make Physical Activity Fun

Activities for Kids

Here are some simple activities to try as a family: walking, hiking, rollerblading, ice skating, kicking a ball, batting cages, mini golf, swimming, bowling. There are so many things to do as a family that can help keep everyone active. Just start with these few and let the activities grow.

Chef Solus’ Favorite Tips to Help Kids and Families Stay Active!

Involve the whole family

  • Talk about physical activity as a fun lifelong way to take care of your body and balance
    your food and energy, rather than viewing it as a chore
  • Celebrate accomplishments with fun activities instead of food or extra TV time

Establish a routine

  • Start small, gradually adding new activities to your routine
  • Set aside time each day for physical activity

Let your child pick and choose

  • Organized sports are great but there are many other activities children can do to be active
    that are not competitive. Let them select or choose as a family
  • Take a nature hike to collect leaves and rocks that your child can use to make a collage.
  • If your child likes to climb, head for the nearest neighborhood jungle gym
  • Let each child take a turn choosing the activity of the day or week
  • If your child likes to read, walk or bike to the neighborhood library for a book
  • Turn on your child’s favorite music and dance in the living room

Limit screen time to no more than 1-2 hours per day

  • Ask them to decide how they would like to use their 1-2 hours of “screen time”
  • Avoid putting a television in your children’s bedrooms
  • Keep the computer in a family area.
  • Limit other sedentary activities, such as text messaging or chatting on the phone

Visit www.chefsolus.com the Free family resource for nutrition and fitness information, fun online learning tools, interactive games, activities and more!

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