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Neck Pain

By Robert Hermann DC, Chiropractor at Hermann Wellness

Board Certified in Chiropractic Orthopedics

Neck pain can have many causes. The pain can be caused by compression fractures, tumors and other disease processes. Fortunately these disease processes consist of only 2% of neck pain.  98% of neck pain comes from mechanical origin.  This is pain caused by irritation to the muscles, tendons, ligaments or disc tissue due to some mechanical problem in your neck. So if you're having neck pain the question you should ask is what is generating the pain in my neck? So let's ask some questions and see if we can figure out what your pain generator is.

Do you have pain and numbness or tingling radiating into your arm? If so it is likely that you have pressure on one of the nerves in your neck that go into your arms. It is also likely that this is caused by a disc herniation.

Do you have pain on one side of your neck that you can pinpoint to an area about the size of a quarter? Does this pain get worse if you tilt your head back? These are signs of irritation to the facet joint. The facet joint is a joint on either side of the vertebrae that interlock with the vertebrae above and below it. Irritation to this joint on the left or right side of your neck will cause pain over that area.

Do you have pain on both sides of your neck that goes from the top of your neck into your shoulders? Is this pain dull and achy? This is most likely muscular pain. Muscular pain in the neck can be caused by tension or sitting in one position for a long period of time.  Mechanical stresses on the neck such as an abnormal curvature of your spine can also irritate the muscles.

Do you have neck pain and stiffness when you first wake up in the morning? Does this pain improved when you get up and move around?  If so it is likely that you have degenerative disc disease in your neck.  Degenerative disc disease goes by many names.  These include spondylolysis, discogenic spondylolysis, triple joint syndrome and arthritis.

So if you're having neck pain you should determine what the pain generator is.This is done in the office by orthopedic and neurologic testing. Sometimes x-rays or an MRI is needed.

Why live in pain?call our office at 309-663-2423 and make an appointment to determine what is generating your pain. See our home page for a New Patient Offer.

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