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We all wonder where we should she get the food we put into our bodies. When we go to the grocery store we always wonder, how were the animals treated, what were the animals fed, where did the animals spend most of their time? Or when we are looking at produce we wonder, what was used for fertilization of the land, what was sprayed to keep bugs away during growth, the list could go on and on with what goes through our minds when trying to give our bodies optimal nutrition. The best thing would be to get as much as you can from your local farmers, local grocery stores that get produce and more from local farmers and even your farmers market. Below are a few articles about reality when it comes to picking out our food. We have also provided you some information about few local farmers and our local farmers market.

From Farm to Factory--Sad Story of the Western Diet

Grass-fed butter, a super food for the heart

Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed beef

Pastured vs Omega-3 vs Conventional Eggs--What's the difference??

Wild vs. Farmed Salmon

Local Farmers:

Eat Wild in Illinois --> Here you will find local farmers in Illinois

Bloomington-Normal Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market --> Here you will find information about the Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market. Location, times and dates.

Downs Farmers Market --> Here you will find information about the Farmers Market in Downs, Illinois

Epiphany Farms --> This is an amazing local farm that also has a local restaurant in Central Illinois. Their vision and goal is amazing. Check out their website for more information and stop in and visit them for a lunch or dinner.

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