Tai Chi

Welcome to Illinois Wesleyan Wellness Tai Chi Class

Bloomington, Illinois

Saturday 9am - 10am Shirk Center

Instructors: Bob Hermann, Kay Wilson, Sean Roberts, Kathy Tournquist, Bonnie Hocking Bruce Haney. For information call Missy Smock at Wesleyan Wellness.

Tai chi is a great form of exercise that will help with balance, cardiovascular health, leg strength and relaxation. It can help relieve neck and back pain and hip and knee pain. It can also increase overall health. 

Tai Chi at Wesleyan began at Franklin Park in 1993. Dr Jiong Gu and Dr Hermann who were friends discovered they were practicing the same style of tai chi- Yang Style Long Form. They were asked by friends to begin a class to teach tai chi to others. In September 1993 the class moved to the Illinois Wesleyan Wellness program. The class was set up for people not to be intimidated. There are no tests or sparring in this class. The first 20 minutes are breathing exercises called chi kung exercises. After chi kung we break up into beginning, middle and advanced groups. This will last for about 30 minutes. At the end of class we come back together for cool down exercises. This consists of Chinese meditation and massaging acupuncture meridians.

We have new students almost every week. If you are interested simply show up. There is no fee. Wear comfortable clothes and soft sole shoes like a tennis shoe. Be sure and check out the links below.


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If the weather is nice (above 50 degrees), class is held at Eckley Quadrangle (the quad) at Illinois Wesleyan. See map below. 

If the weather is not nice (below 50 degrees or raining) class is held at Shirk Center at Illinois Wesleyan)

For better directions search on Google Maps for Illinois Wesleyan University Eckley Quadrangle or Illinois Wesleyan University Shirk Center. You can also call 309 2873926.

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