What If?


What if you have a chronic health problem that is not getting better?

What if you have been to many doctors and had many tests done but all you have is a name to your condition and medications that don’t work?

What if you tried all kinds of alternative treatment but never could find the missing “piece of the puzzle?”

What if you decided to look at  your health problem differently, from a different angle?

What if you did a test to analyze 78 important biological markers measuring metabolic pathways such as the energy producing Krebs cycle and mitochondrial function, detoxification and Vitamin B metabolism, amino acid function and more?

What if you did a test to analyze the very important gut bacteria called your microbiome to determine digestive health and absorption along with any bad bacteria and parasites you may have?

What if you analyzed 87 different foods for food allergies and sensitivities to see if there are some foods that are making you sick?

What if you had your DNA analyzed to see if you have some genetic alterations that may be affecting your health?

What if you put all this information together and came up with a comprehensive diet, nutritional supplement and lifestyle program to get at the root cause of your health condition?

What if you had a team consisting of a board certified physician and an individually dedicated health coach to walk you through the process.

What if you called Midwest Functional Medicine at 309 663-2423 to get started?

Health comes from within

There are no diseases. Disease is a downstream effect of an upstream problem

There is an answer for your health care problems.

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